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needed a smile. and when nothing else worked, did. thk u Mr. Gaillard. and thk u 2 Brodie Smith 4 directing me here. i admit i don't really kno who u r, but u put a smile on this girl's face when i really needed 1, so thk u.

I'm getting sick and tired of the Beyoncé/Janet Comparisons. Saying that Janet is the REAL Female Michael Jackson. To be completely honest with all of you, I love Janet, she is a queen, but bey is a king of a queen. Anyways about the Janet and mj comparison but tbh I feel like people say that only because she's Michael's brother. I don't think she delivered that well as her brother did.. Bey isn't micheal Jackson but she's the mj of OUR TIME!! This woman DELIVERS just like MJ Did Hank III is fucking awesome
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