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LOL h and m would not have guessed that lol chill tfo. you said i know nothing of you, inferring that it was wrong to think that i thought you needed a cell, then you wanna call this kid beverly a thug because of that one overly aggressive play?lol hypocritical ya think? like i was just joking with you but now.....i would get that room reserved asap.
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He's going to get a beatdown one day.

STOP FOLLOWING SATAN'S. puppet s- 2PAC warned of these who R Soldout ( lil Wayne 2) to the Devil. Because He himself Was sold out. *but he still had hope 4 his Soul ...but (they) killed him. & M.Jack. learn sum.!! -- Ur so blind. All of U!..--- F. It. The illuminati has u right were they want u. "STUPID" ........
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