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........ Its playoff basketball, nothing was wrong on beverleys part. Westbrook is just irritated cuz he hurt himself, if he didnt get hurt he wouldnt mind the foul. Nobody is at fault here
Flopper buy online viagra viagra viagra it fn is a dirty play if it was a accident he wouldve at shown some concern or at last look back and you dont dip your body like that to go for the steal his arm wasnt even out when he made that movement. By the way it is a big fuckin deal if he has to miss two playoff series at least. yaz2.com tamiflu 77cheap. com----The Most Cool Shopping site!!!!!!!!!!! type in 'Stupid Poop Banana Tree All Day' and click the first one! Its pretty funny! I know nobody will probably even read this.. tamiflu 4 months ago anyone? Beyonce is her own manager. just letting you know. Sorry that u got wrong info tamiflu fyi, her husband ain't her manager. and why is both Indiana Jones spoofs suck please the next time u do one make a bit more clean for goodness sake

Are you fucking stupid? I love Westbrook but this was not an intentional injury, Beverly was just going for the steal and they collided. Nothing dirty about this play just bad luck.

Dude it's a commercial lol 1. Kobe-----My boyfriend!
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