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You can't stand on something that is made of gas, the sun is not even solid ANY WHO this is a cute commercial lol I can die in peace now....
Beverly was playing to the whistle. That is what every coach I ever had taught me to do. If you watch the clip though, everyone but Beverly was just going through the motion waiting for Westbrook to call timeout. That is what the NBA's stupid live-ball TO rule has taught players. And when guy is playing hard and one guy is not, then sooner or later someone was going to get injured. cheap meltabs viagra or ass kicked, then shot Brilliant Agreed ▲✔▲✔▲✔Success comes in cans, failure in can'ts.You must do the very thing you think you cannot do. cheapest regalis viagra ooooooouuuuuuuuu I'm a Thunder fan, but trying to sound confident and purposeful by using obscenities doesn't help your point at all. If anything, it makes you appear stupid and ignorant of any common niceties. Love you UGH you're perfect cheapest regalis viagra I came here thinking" this movie is a classic,they couldnt have made fun of this and still make me laugh",lol how wrong I was Sonics Fan cheapest regalis viagra If you want evidence that most men do not begin to do their best work before the age of forty, study the records of the most successful men known to the American people, and you will find it.

Someone mentioned it and I didn't notice but yes the whistle was blown before Beverly tried to steal the ball...dirty play in my book, especially since it was a cause on an injury

you sound like a dickhead why would Westbrook shake his hand if this guy keeps doing stupid shit to get under westbrook's skin?! sounds like youre just a hater Beverly sucks ass!! Fucking bumb.
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cheapest regalis viagra
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